Financial Planning Method

Andrew Marshall Financial, LLC (AMF) is completely independent and a fiduciary, which means AMF always puts your interest first. Our personal financial planning services will help you maximize your use of money so you may reach your goals of retiring, sending your children to college, buying a home, or whatever they may be.

AMF uses the fee-only style of financial advice.  With fee only advice, you pay for services in an open, fully disclosed manner.  With fee-only advice, you know exactly what you are paying for.  AMF does not sell any products such as insurance policies, annuities, mutual funds or REITs.  AMF therefore does not get any commissions or kickbacks from any source for any recommendation AMF makes.  By doing business this way, conflicts of interest are removed that exist with other advisors who get paid commissions to recommend and sell products.

AMF offers fee-only financial advice paid by the hour.  This makes AMF accessible to all who need professional financial planning help, regardless of income and account size.  There are no income or net worth minimums required to work with AMF.

AMF is a consultant who analyzes your situation and provides recommendations to solve your particular issues. Everyone’s financial situation is different. We work collaboratively with you to create custom plans of all project sizes.

Before attending a Get Acquainted Meeting, AMF asks all potential clients to complete a confidential questionnaire.  Click here to begin.