Andrew Marshall Financial, LLC  (AMF) offers comprehensive financial planning services and investment advice on an as-needed, hourly basis.

Hourly financial planning allows us to work with new clients regardless of their current amount of savings or investments.  We help people with all manner of financial planning needs, from one-off questions to creating fully integrated financial plans.  Our services are designed to be flexible and meet your needs.  We can work in-person, virtually, via email or phone for one-time, occasional, or on-going engagements.


Andrew Marshall Financial, LLC is a fiduciary financial advisor.  That means AMF always puts your interest first.  By putting our clients first, both our clients and AMF are successful.  AMF has no affiliation with investment, annuity or insurance companies; therefore, we provide advice that is not tainted by sales quotas or corporate pressures.


AMF is a fee only financial planner.  When you use a fee only financial planner, you pay for services in an open, fully disclosed manner.  AMF does not sell any products such as insurance policies, annuities, mutual funds or REITs.  AMF therefore does not get any commissions or kickbacks from any source for any recommendation AMF makes.  By doing business this way, conflicts of interest are removed that exist with other advisors who get paid commissions to recommend and sell products.


AMF charges a flat fee or hourly rate.  This makes AMF accessible to all who need comprehensive financial planning services, regardless of income and account size.  There are no income or net worth minimums required to work with AMF.  Paying for hourly investment advice may offer a large savings compared to paying assets under management (aum) fees.


AMF functions as your personal finance consultant.  AMF analyzes your situation from an objective point of view and provides simple to implement recommendations to solve your particular issues.  AMF makes it possible to consult with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional when you need to, without strings attached.


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