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Andrew Marshall



Media Quotes & Appearances:

Investopedia – Save more than your 401(k) max.  September 2017.

NerdWallet – Planning a summer vacation.  May 2017.

ThinkAdvisor – Addressing the shortage of millenial advisors.  April 2017.

LexingtonLaw.com – 5 Painless ways to cut expenses in 2017.  March 2017.

CNBC.com – Getting value from hotel executive lounges.  December 2016.

TheStreet.com – Five big Forex mistakes small investors make.  June 2016.

Investopedia – Preparing your retirement portfolio for another financial crisis.  June 2016.

GoodCall.com – Expert panel on young people starting to save for retirement.  May 2016.

Quickenloans.com – Real estate investing potential pitfalls.  April 2016.

TheStreet.com – Article about household debt remaining from the financial crisis.  April 2016.