Investment Management Services

Investment Strategies:

Investing strategies Andrew Marshall Financial, LLC (AMF) offers are defined below. An Investment Policy Statement is written that lays out the principles and characteristics of your personalized investment plan. AMF works with you to determine which is best for your situation, personality, investment knowledge, and timeframe.

  1. Strategic Allocation – An asset allocation mix is chosen for the portfolio based on the results of a risk tolerance questionnaire. Diversification is used to control risk and rebalancing is done on a semi-annual basis. This is the most widely used strategy today among financial advisors and robo-advisors.
  2. AMF Tactical Trend Following – This strategy is designed to increase portfolio size while limiting losses during market downturns.  Account principal is allocated only into asset classes with prices currently in an uptrend. Asset classes are owned using ETFs and adjusted on a monthly schedule through a systematic set of buy and sell rules.  Read more here.

Investment Strategy Implementation:

Each strategy can be used exclusively or in combination.  Examples of ways AMF may work with you on your investments are described below. The implementation method chosen depends on your comfort with placing trades and the strategy(ies) chosen.

  1. You are new to investing and want to use a Strategic Allocation. You open an account at one of the robo-advisors such as Betterment or Motif Investing.  AMF sits down with you to choose an appropriate portfolio from the robo-advisors offerings.
  2. You are comfortable buying and selling assets in your brokerage account.  You take AMF’s recommendations and complete the trades on your own.  You rebalance the portfolio after a semi-annual checkup.
  3. You want to have final say on the purchase and sale of assets in the account, but do not want to place trades and manage the account.  AMF manages your assets according to the Strategic Allocation, in a non-discretionary manner.
  4. You do not have the desire to manage your accounts.  AMF handles all aspects of your investments.  Both strategies are available.
  5. A combination of the above approaches.  Various strategies and approaches can be used on different accounts.  Such as Strategic Allocations in your 401(k) as well as AMF Tactical Trend Following in an IRA or brokerage account.