Tactical Trend Following Investment System

Andrew Marshall Financial, LLC (AMF) sets itself apart from other financial advisors in California by offering a Tactical Trend Following investment management system designed to quickly get you out of downward trending positions and into assets that are increasing in value. Owning increasing positions is the fastest way to grow your account.

As opposed to being indexing investors, who buy the market and take whatever the market gives, AMF takes a reactive approach.  AMF does not try to predict what will happen in the markets.  Rather, AMF closely monitors your account and reacts to market changes using trading techniques to limit losses and allocate your money into positions that are growing.


The AMF system is a trend following system.  In trend following systems, the investment manager watches price charts for a signal to buy, lets the trend run its course, and another signal triggers the investment sale when the trend ends.  Each month, AMF uses a proprietary set of rules based on price to determine when a new uptrend is beginning.  AMF buys or remains in assets with increasing prices and sells those no longer trending higher.  Asset classes include stocks, bonds, real estate and various commodities.  If an investment is going up in price, AMF wants to own it.  If it’s going down in price, AMF doesn’t want to own it.  It’s a simple idea and an effective idea.


Accounts managed with AMF’s system have several features that improve results.  By investing with the AMF Tactical Trend Following system, you:

  • Will not waste growth opportunities by being diversified into losing investments,
  • Will not experience the emotional trauma of indexing through bad times,
  • Will not waste time waiting for your account to return to break even,
  • Will not suffer the performance drag of standard rebalancing techniques.

Who is it for?

All investors in this system must meet several criteria:

  • California resident.
  • Income of less than $400,000 per year (or have an IRA).
  • Minimum $50,000 investment.