Investment Management Services

Andrew Marshall Financial, LLC (AMF) offers an investment management system designed to achieve better long-term returns by avoiding downtrends and minimizing volatility. Our proprietary methods have improved on the standard practices of passive investing and rebalancing.

We are not index investors. We do not buy and hold.

To achieve results that are better than the market average, outperformance can be obtained by maximizing the upside, or minimizing the downside. Traditional active management tries to outperform to the upside by scouring the stock universe for the next Apple or Amazon. AMF however, produces improved results by avoiding the market’s downtrends. The secret to a larger investment account is not to find the next Apple or Amazon, but to avoid large drawdowns.


In AMF’s Tactical Trend Following strategy, account principal is allocated only into asset classes with prices currently in an uptrend. Asset classes are owned using low cost ETFs. Ownership of these ETFs is monitored and adjusted through a systematic set of buy and sell rules.

Assets in the portfolio may include stocks, bonds, oil, gold, base metals, grains and ags., real estate, preferred stocks and international exposures. This diverse selection of investments allows for many opportunities to grow the portfolio.


Accounts managed with AMF’s system have several important features investors like.

  • Smaller drawdowns.
  • Faster recovery to new highs.
  • A smoother growth curve.
  • Opportunities for growth from many markets, not just stocks and bonds.

Who is it for?

Investors in this system want:

  • Reduced stress.
  • A plan for handling the next market down turn.
  • To know someone is keeping a watchful eye on their investments.
  • Protection of their accumulated wealth.
  • An alternative to the indexing and rebalancing strategy offered by other financial advisors.

What are the financial requirements?

  • Minimum $50,000 investment.

What are the performance results?

Our results are verified by Theta Research, an independent, third party performance tracking service.  AMF cannot advertise results here, but you can receive a report directly from Theta Research. Click here to request results.

For more information, AMF has a short pdf describing our Tactical Trend Following system in more detail.  To receive a free copy please enter your email here: