Financial Planning Method

Andrew Marshall Financial, LLC (AMF) offers custom financial plans developed interactively with you over a series of meetings. The series of meeting topics are customized to your unique situation. The goal of a series is to have implemented a plan for an optimized financial life. By choosing to do a financial planning series, you receive the maximum co-ordination of the various aspects: insurance, investments, tax deductions, employment benefits, savings, cash flow, debt payoff, passing assets to heirs and many others.

Andrew Marshall Financial, LLC completes a financial plan as a coordinated effort with you. It starts with a complimentary Get Acquainted meeting where you and Andrew get a feel for working with each other and begin to understand your situation and what aspects need to be focused on. Andrew then develops a series of one to six meetings designed for your specific situation.

You will meet with Andrew approximately once every four to six weeks for 60 to 90 minutes. At each meeting you and Andrew will discuss an element of your financial life and make some changes if they are needed. Financial planning is a process, not a one time event. In AMF’s experience, more meetings leads to better results.

Some of the meeting agendas described below will vary depending on your situation and needs. Some overlap of topics will occur, as AMF collects information in one meeting and reviews possible adjustments in future meetings. You and Andrew will be delving deep into some of these areas as your particular situation requires. Between meetings Andrew will be analyzing various subject areas and preparing alternatives for you. The meeting location is flexible, including in our office, your home, online or elsewhere.


Examples of financial planning series agendas and topics based on stage in life:

Recent Graduate – Approx. 3 Sessions
Topics emphasized: Starting to save, cash-flow management, debt reduction, investing basics, maximizing employee benefits, home purchase, early insurance needs.

Single Worker – Approx. 4 Sessions
Topics emphasized: Accelerated saving, maximizing employee benefits, investing for growth, early insurance needs, balance for multiple goals, basic estate planning.

Family Life– Approx. 6 Sessions
Topics emphasized: Insurance needs, saving for multiple goals, college funding, tax efficiency, money management, appropriate investing, debt management, estate planning.

Approaching Retirement – Approx. 6 Sessions
Topics emphasized: Catch-up savings, appropriate investments, maximizing Social Security, pension choices, Medicare and supplemental coverage, retirement cash-flow needs, long-term care, estate planning.

Widow(er) – Approx. 6 sessions
Topics emphasized: Cash flow management, debt reduction, appropriate investing, estate planning, college funding, maximizing Social Security, insurance needs.

As things change, you can schedule future meetings to adjust various elements of your plan. It will be your choice whether you arrange a follow up meeting on an annual basis or on another schedule you feel is appropriate.

Completing the financial planning process will leave you with a very satisfied feeling of being in control of your financial future. You will be able to go to sleep at night knowing where you stand and that you are taking the right steps to reach the goals you have for you and your family. There are few things that can give you the same piece of mind as a completed financial plan.