Best Countries for American Travelers

I have been looking at travel destinations to find the best value for those converting US dollars into local currencies.

During the financial crisis and the QE that followed, the US dollar was very weak and made traveling abroad very expensive for Americans. That has changed recently as countries like Japan and the European central bank have continued to do monetary easing. As their currencies get weaker, the dollar gets stronger in relation. For travelers from the USA, that means we get more in return for converting our dollars than we did in previous years.

I have examined the exchange rates for the top destinations and put them in order of largest change in value over the past year. The top of the list are the best places to go right now for a foreign trip.


Rank Country Rate Last Year Rate Now Percent Change
1 South Africa 11.64 16.24 40
2 Mexico 14.94 18.16 22
3 Norway 7.6474 8.6841 14
4 New Zealand 0.7551 0.6643 12
5 Thailand 32.25 35.66 11
6 Great Britain 1.5419 1.3867 10
7 Australia 0.7806 0.7127 9
8 Canada 1.2511 1.3516 8
9 Switzerland 0.9534 0.9968 5
10 Europe 1.1181 1.092 2

If you are planning a trip abroad this spring, then it would be a good use of your money to go to a place near the top of the list.  Enjoy your trip!


Best Countries for American Travelers